We are proud of our team from different generations, because from each we can learn some-thing about life and work. This needs an open communication environment – and we live it with conviction.

Our business model is a cooperative society. Through this we show that entrepreneurship and social responsibility belong together. Self-responsibility and self-governance are writ large at our company and everyone can actively contribute to its success.

Whether as a specialist or a manager, student or on the way to vocational education and training: in this field that is fascinatingly influenced by craft, industry, research, architecture and design, we offer different perspectives so that you can reshape your career path.


With us, your start into the future is not only into practical training and vocational school but also into craft and hi-tech.

As an apprenticing company of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Dresden (IHK Dresden) in the area of model making, with us you can demonstrate your craft skills and learn to independently master the daily challenges posed in practice.

The many apprentices who join us after finishing their training prove that we are doing a good job. This has also been recognized by Dresden’s Chamber of Skilled Trades with the award “Exemplary Apprenticing Company”. And of that we are truly proud!

From learning into practice

Whether schoolchildren in a practical course or students alongside their studies: we are happy to promote young explorers and great talents.

For schoolchildren

The focus is on getting to know the company processes, learning how to use hand tools and working on a variety of materials based on technical drawings.


Students from the field of mechanical engineering learn the basics about constructing model- and casting-compatible designs. In addition, experience can be acquired in CAD/CAM technology and NC machining of sample parts.


Are you interested in learning? If so, we look forward to receiving your application!

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